Why Should I Care?

    As a rider, why should you care whether the track you're going to ride is certified by us or not? As a person who loves Motocross, we all know it is an inherently dangerous sport by nature. No matter what anybody does we as riders cannot totally eliminate the risk of injury or accident. Which leads us to two main reasons you should care!

    As a rider or parent of any age, you have too much on the line to risk an unnecessary accident that could be easily avoided. This is where the track inspections and flagger training come into play. We have a 100+ danger checklist that makes sure facilities take care of any unnecessary dangers around the track. And our flagger training prepares workers to give you the warning you need to avoid on-track dangers.

    As we said, you cannot escape every accident. That being said, why not ride somewhere that is trained on how to appropriately respond to an accident? Our training makes sure the facility not only has a crew that knows how to deal with injuries, but also has plans and protocols in place to do the best job possible to take care of you or your child.

    Our Track Certifications give you the peace of mind knowing that you are riding at a facility that makes your safety a priority. That you are not just a statistic or a dollar amount, but a person that they care about.

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