Why should you care about any of this as a track owner? The answer is simple, our services not only help you to be safer, but also more profitable! As an MSC Certified Track, you will be considered an elite facility not just in your area, but in the country. This gives you the upper-hand against competing tracks. You can see from our survey results that everyone cares about their safety.


     As we polled riders from all over the country, 74% of them responded that they would be likely to go somewhere that certified over a facility that was not. Our projections show this would be 25-50% increase in rider turnout. This means you would not only make back any money spent on services but also increase profits.


     If you also add your events to our site and add Certified Flaggers to those events, your MSC Score will continue to rise, further enhancing your status and creating a reputation across the country!


Of Riders Are Likely To Go To A

Certified Track Over One That Is Not


Don't Think Their Local Track Does

A Good Job With Safety

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