Power To The Riders

Welcome to the Rider Homepage! Here is where you will find a description of the tools available to riders.

Why Should I Care? - This is an article that informs riders on the importance of taking their safety seriously.

Leave a Track Review - You may leave a safety review for any track at any time. This helps to create the Member Rating shown on track pages. You may do this by logging in and going to your profile page, then fill out the Track Review form.

Tracks - View Certified Track ratings as well as uncertified tracks reviewed by members. This tells you how safe tracks are.

Events - Here you can find events at MSC Certified tracks or tracks using MSC Certified Flaggers. These are events that take your safety seriously and care about the rider. You can also view the flaggers working the event and their XP level, telling you how good the crew will be.

View Members - On this page you can view all members to this site and any certifications they may have.

Donating - Anyone can donate at any time at the link on the bottom of the site. Donations go towards helping a track get certified that otherwise could not afford it.

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