Welcome to the Flagger Homepage. Here is where you can find all the details to become a Certified Flaggger and any other tools available.

To become a Certified Flagger you will need to choose a membership plan below. This plan will allow you to work MSC Certified Events as well as access to the study materials and online test. Once you choose a plan we will send you a notification when you have acccess to materials. You will then be able to take the test whenever if fits your schedule. Upon passing the test you will receive a membership card and listed as a Certified Flagger in our database. You will then receive an XP Score based on your test results. You can grow your XP by checking into upcoming events that you are working, or verifying a flagging session on your profile page. The higher your XP the better gigs you will get!

Flagger Certification - On this page you will find all the study materials necessary to pass your Certification Test.

Flagger Test - Here is where you'll find the link to the Certification Test

Event Search - Find all events using Certified Flaggers. You can find contact info to apply to the gig as well as check-in to receive credit for working it and help riders know how safe the event will be by checking your score. 

You may also verify a flagging session by logging in and going to your profile.

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