How To Get Certified


Contact us to schedule our visit. Although the inspection process may take a few hours, we only need 3 hours of your time for training, and even that is split between whoever you want from your facility for each subject.


Once we have scheduled the visit you will pay through our online store. Payment is secure and locks in your date.


Once the day comes, we will show up at the scheduled time to begin the process. The order in which we go about our process can be altered to fit your schedule for the day, or the schedule of others who are participating. Below is a list of the steps we take during the day.

Track Inspection -

First Aid/Injury Training -

Flagger Training -

Summary -

No guidance is necessary for this step. We will take about an hour and check for any outlying dangers. If it is an open day at your track we will watch the general flow and procedures, giving advice as needed.

This step requires either the facility owner, manager, or personnel who will be at the track the most and in charge of attending to injured riders. This can be for one person or as many as you would like. This step will go over how handle to injuries specific to the sport as well as general first aid.

We will train every flagger you have, or just one "Head Flagger". If able, we will train the flaggers on your track showing them specifically what to do in each position. If not, we will take them through our comprehensive course and quiz, distributing Flagger Certification cards upon completion. This will allow them to flag at any of our partnered races!

As the final step we will summarize our inspection, give you the certification diploma, badge, First Contact Backpack, and quickly summarize the final steps on our end including social media posts and any final thoughts. You will also be able to contact us at any time with further questions.

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