MX23 Unleashed


" Track is such a blast and don't want this review to leave negative feedback for the actual track and the staff running the track because I think they do great. For flaggers though there isnt any during practice days and would feel a little better if there was some flaggers at atleast the jump sections. Again track is great but would feel a little safer with some flaggers."


"lots of room so you don't gotta get close to others riders, not really any flaggers when i was there for open riding"



Proving Grounds


"There’s always flaggers even on practice days"


"Track conditions are always great, safety crew everywhere, they are quick to close off the track if someone is down or gets hurt"


"Breezewood has 3 different experience levels, which is great so everyone isn't on the same track. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because (on the intermediate track at least) on most of the jumps you can't see the landing, so it would be easy to get landed on if you crash. They do have flaggers around the track for this reason though that help a lot."


"Breezewood proving grounds does a great job when it comes to safety.They always have plenty of flaggers. The staff is awesome and quickly responds to a down rider with first aid.The only reason I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 is because on race days and holidays they get extremely busy and it is open ride.However if you go on a non race weekend it is fairly laid back."


"Very sketchy environment, the track owner allows minibikes out at the same time as novice quad riders and expert Motocross riders and anything in between. If you expect to get landed on anywhere or be in a major crash because of someone else’s fault this is the place."


Doublin Gap MX


"I feel safe riding at doublin gap. they have flaggers and they also split up practice sessions according to skill level a/b womens/vet and c class."


Happy Ramblers MC


"No flaggers on open practice day.They split practices by skill level when needed.The track is great for begginers just getting into motocross most of the jumps are smaller and forgiving."


"Really fun track with a lot of rookie friendly jumps. Local riders are also very helpful to a down rider.."

Creekside MX

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